Manchester, Connecticut

Membership Requirements

Program Registration Process and Card/FOB Renewal/Membership Details

Card/FOB Rewewal / Membership Week
Senior Center Membership cards/FOBS may be leisurely purchased at the Manchester Senior Center, the Community Y Recreation Center, Center Springs Recreation Office or at the Customer Service Center. Cards are valid September 1st, through August 31st. Proof of age and residency is required upon purchase.

Senior Center Membership cards/FOBS are honored at all Recreation Centers and outdoor pools. Senior Center Members age 60 and older may participate in all programs.  Manchester Residents age 55 through 59 may participate in Senior Center ONLY as defined in the monthly newsletters. If you have any questions regarding program registration/fees, please contact Missy Rankin, Recreation Supervisor at 860-647-3210.

Senior membership card/FOB fees:
60 years and older - $10.00/year
A LOST CARD/FOB FEE of $2.00 WILL BE IMPLEMENTED as of 8/28/2017

Program Registration
Seniors may register at any registration location at 8:30 a.m.  Registration will be on-going.  Register at the Manchester Senior Center, the Community "Y" Recreation Center, Center Springs Recreation Center or at the Customer Service Center.

Lottery Registration

  • Must have a valid membership card/FOB to register for all programs
  • Seniors must submit a lottery registration form to the front desk THREE TIMES PER YEAR during specific weeks noted in the monthly newsletters for the following classes (subject to change):
    • Body Sculpt
    • Ceramics
    • Line Dancing
    • Lite-n-Lively
    • Strength and Flex
    • Yoga Plus
    • Zumba
  • Registration forms may be picked up at the front desk
  • Register for lottery classes on one registration form.
  • A $5.00 commitment fee required for each class.  Please make check payable to "The Town of Manchester"
  • Please place your registration form and check into a non-sealed envelope (envelopes are available at the front desk)
  • Registration forms received without proper fee will not be processed.
  • No advantage is given to registrations received on the first day.
  • No phone registrations will be accepted.
  • Checks only - no cash
  • NO lottery registration forms will be accepted after specified dates listed.
  • Lottery regsitration will be processed about a week before the start of classes.
  • Registrants are not present for the drawing
  • Class postings of acceptance into the lottery classes will be posted in the FRONT LOBBY bulletin white board as specified in monthly newsletter.

If you are registered for a class (listed above) and did not get into the class you wanted:

  • Your name will automatically be placed on the class waiting list OR
  • You may register for another class and your $5.00 fee will be transferred to that class OR
  • You will receive your check back in the mail OR
  • You will receive a credit on your account

Financial Assistance

It has been a long standing policy of the Town Board of Directors that no Manchester resident should be denied access to town sponsored recreational activities due to financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances.  Please contact Kitty Dudley, our Senior Center Social Worker, at 860-647-3211 for details.

Commitment Fees:

  • A $5.00 commitment fee will be implemented for the followig programs (subject to change):
    • Bellyrobics, Ceramics, Duplicate Bridge, Greenhouse, Guided Meditation, Line Dancing, Lite-N-Lively, Memory to Memoirs, Strength and Flex, Tai Chi, Yoga Plus, Woodworking and Zumba
  • The commitment fee is due at the time of each registration - Fall Registration, Winter/Spring Registration and Summer Registration sessions.
  • The commitment fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable UNLESS the Senior Center cancels the class.
(There are many other programs available.  For details, see the Recreation Brochure that is mailed to Manchester residents.)

Evening Programs

(For evening program information, see the Recreation brochure that is mailed to Manchester residents, or Contact Missy Rankin, Recreation Supervisor at 860-647-3210.)

New Programs or Expansion of Current Programs

Let's try a new fitness class!  We would like to see ore dance classes!  How about if we offer two more Strength and Flex classes?  These are suggestions and requests that we frequently receive.  Please read the newsletter for follow-up information to new programs, expansion of current programs and off-site programs for seniors.

Missy Rankin would be pleased to answer your requests!  You may contact Missy Rankin, Recreation Supervisor. By adding self-sustaining programs, we will be able to offer new classes at a minimal rate (upon facility availability).

How do SELF-SUSTAINING programs work?
The class fee will cover the cost of the instuctor and any additional materials and supplies the program warrants.  A minimum number of approximately 10 or more participants must register in order for the class to be implemented.

Starting Dates

The starting dates for programs vary depending on instructor availability.  Most instructor based programs will begin as stated in specific monthly newsletters.

Revised (10/2016) Duplicate BRIDGE Player Participation:
  • The duplicate bridge program will now be coordinated as a year long program that has a ONE TIME REGISTRATION DATE (September each year).
  • Manchester Residents will pay $15.00 for the year (September - shutdown) if they participate in Duplicate Bridge only.
  • If the Manchester Resident participates in other activities besides Duplicate Bridge they will also have to purchase an Annual Senior Center Membership card/FOB for $10 (fee a/o 2016) each season as well.
  • Out of Town / Non-Residents Duplicate Bridge Player may participate in DUPLICATE BRIDGE ONLY for an ANNUAL FEE of $25. Out of Town/Non-Resident must show his/her driver's license or CT State I.D. at the front desk upon registration each September.
  • The Out of Town / Non-Resident Duplicate Bridge players are not eligible to participate in any other activities, classes or programs at the Manchester Senior Center.

Senior Center membership is required for participation in all programs, activities and classes with the exception of:
  • Social work services including individual consultations and support groups to Manchester Residents
  • Health services including blood pressure, foot care, nursing appointments, fall risk evaluations and support groups
  • Public information programs such as health and mental health, Medicare, financial, police and other safety, election forums
  • Public events such as openings and dedications
  • One first-time Newcomer's Meeting
  • Attending plant sale
  • Use of senior center bus for grocery or non-grocery  retail shopping
  • AT HOME Program (Activities travel to the homes of Manchester elders)
  • AARP Driver's Ed
  • CRT Lunch Program - 60+yo may donate $2.50 or whatever they can afford - 59 and younger MUST PAY $5.00 for a CRT Lunch. Please remember to reserve a lunch one to two days ahead by calling the front office 860-647-3211 by 12:30p.m.

Please stop by the office on any day between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to join or renew your membership.